Review of The Distance Between Us by Katherine’s Book Universe

Tasha and Charlie have been married for 11 years and have 3 kids, Flora, Bella and Max. Tasha knows she should be happy, but she is worn down with the responsibility of being a stay-at-home mum when she used to work as a GP/ family doctor.
She starts questioning her life choices and just feels like everything is wrong.
At times at the beginning of this book and for much of roughly the first 30%, I’d say she was strong but sensitive, easily weighed down by things and easily emotional. Not a brilliant example of strength for the children.
Then, there’s an incident which shatters her life and Charlie’s. She tries to stay strong for the children but seemed to be too much of a begging, grovelling mess by the last half of the book that I was slightly annoyed with her. Georgie Capron fleshes out her characters well and uses raw emotions and emotive language to really “get inside” the character’s heads and show the realistic family dynamic.
The Distance Between Us is a fast-paced realistic family drama. It’s one of those books that had me asking myself what I’d do and how I’d act. Tasha is wracked with guilt after the incident and does try to lessen the burden by confiding in a friend, but even so is very upset. This part is realistic, but it also had me asking “why?” as to why the incident had to happen at all.