Review of The Distance Between Us by Julie at Bookish Jottings

An enjoyable, affecting and believable contemporary tale that is sure to strike a chord with readers everywhere, The Distance Between Us is a captivating relationship drama that will make readers laugh, cry and think. Written with sensitivity and honesty, The Distance Between Us is an astute modern day love story that will appeal to fans of Kerry Fisher and Amanda Prowse.
To the outside world, Tasha’s life is as close to perfect as it is possible to get. She has been happily married for eleven years and has three happy and healthy children. Tasha seems not to have worries or difficulties and everything seems absolutely rosy. But behind closed doors there is a completely different story. She might live under the same roof as her husband Charlie and share a bed, but with each passing day, Tasha feels the chasm between the two of them widening more and more. The closeness which they once shared and took for granted seems to have completely and utterly disappeared and they are growing more and more distant with each passing day. What has happened to their marriage? Has familiarity bred contempt? Has irreparable damage been done to their marriage? Or could there be a way out of this black hole which they have found themselves in?
It doesn’t help matters that Tasha is completely and utterly exhausted. Keeping three children fed and clothed and the house ticking over is no walk in the park and Tasha feels worn down and overwhelmed by motherhood. Being constantly tired and drained is taking its toll on her marriage. She longs for something to change that will take her back to the early years of her marriage when she was truly happy. However, Tasha soon realises that she should have been careful what she wished for as she discovers when change comes calling. Will this sudden reversal of her fortune be what she has been desperate for? Or is it just going to cause more hassle and upheaval? Is falling in love twice with the same man a possibility? Or is it just the stuff of movies and books?
Is Tasha about to get the happy ever after she always wanted? Or will happiness continue to elude her?
Georgie Capron’s The Distance Between Us is a terrific book with wonderfully realised characters, a narrative readers will relate to and empathize with, believable drama and searing emotion. A tale of sacrifice, redemption, compromise and what happens after the bride and groom say ‘I do’, The Distance Between Us is a superbly written exploration of modern marriage and family relationships told with plenty of candour and sincerity.
A fantastic tale that will linger in the mind long after the last page is turned, The Distance Between Us is a first class contemporary tale that I highly recommend!
Rating: 4 Stars