Review of The Distance Between Us by Jane Hunt Writer

My Thoughts…
If you’re looking for an escapist read, this isn’t it.
Tasha and Charlie live in London; he works in the city, she stays at home with the children, even though their life looks ideal from the outside. Tasha feels she is losing her identity amongst the dirty laundry; school runs and making sure the home is an oasis of calm when Charlie ‘who’s been working hard all day comes home.’ Tasha, a former GP feels unfulfilled and feels guilty for doing so.
The scenarios created will be familiar to most stay at home mums, as the situations are believable and the actions and reactions of the characters authentic. Charlie doesn’t realise what being a ‘stay at home mum’, involves, and Tasha resents his lack of empathy.
Tasha is an independent character in the first chapters of the book until she makes a mistake that has consequences for both her and her family. This mistake changes her, and she forgets what has driven her to act so out of character and becomes dependant on Charlie’s forgiveness. The story highlights the family secrets, and that people often do something drastic just to be noticed.
Angst, guilt and sadness prevail in the central part of the book, and while this is well-written and realistic, it is sombre reading. Another tragic family event makes Charlie realise what he’s losing, and the ending is hopeful and happy.
An articulate snapshot of family life, with authentic characters and scenarios.