Review of One Summer in Positano by Bookish Jottings

A wonderfully indulgent read that is perfect for a lazy summer afternoon – regardless of the weather – fans of Jenny Oliver and Holly Martin are going to love Georgie Capron and her latest charmer, One Summer in Positano!

In her early 30s, Libby has realised that the time has come for her to grow up and take some responsibility for herself. Having drifted through life and shirked any sort of duty for far too long, the time has come for Libby to stop acting like a feckless teenager and start behaving like an adult – but before she buckles down, she wants to have one last summer of fun, she heads off to Positano in Italy. But what Libby hadn’t realised was that her summer of fun was about to turn into a summer of everlasting love…

When Libby had first decided to go to Positano, she had been looking forward to a summer of total relaxation and idleness – she certainly never expected to find herself falling head over heels in love with a gorgeous Italian – but when they are as charming, good-looking and devastatingly handsome as Luca, it is no wonder that Libby’s resolve not to have a holiday romance dissolved under the hot Italian sun quicker than an ice cream during a heatwave! As her feelings for Luca intensify, Libby realises that she has some pretty big decision to make: should she listen to her head and go back to the UK, or should she follow her heart and stay in Italy with Luca?

Is Luca really the perfect man for her? Should Libby throw all caution to the wind and leave her old life behind to start a new life with him? Or has the perfect man been under her nose all along? One thing is for certain – Libby is going to have a summer she won’t forget in a hurry!

Georgie Capron has got a wonderfully breezy, engaging and witty writing style that draws the reader into the story from the very first sentence and keeps them entertained until the very end! Witty, warm-hearted and sparkling with evocative descriptions of Italy, One Summer in Positano is a spellbinding read I did not want to end!

Packed with wonderful characters, humour, pathos and charm, One Summer in Positano is an enchanting summer tale from a wonderful new writer of women’s fiction – Georgie Capron!

Rating: Four Stars