Review of One Summer in Positano by Read Along with Sue

When Libby takes herself off for a few months to work abroad before settling down to ‘serious life and a serious job’, she didn’t have any expectations, just to have fun and enjoy herself while working temporarily.

I learnt early on that Luca would figure in her life big time as he became a primary male figure within the chapters.

The hip churning, heart pumping Luca wasn’t someone Libby could brush off easily, he was good on the eye and kind too.

The ‘no I shouldn’t’, the ‘yes I should’ moments came over Libby quite often. She couldn’t ignore them or him.

It became all too clear to me where this was leading.

Luca’s is not future husband material, he tells her early on he loves the one he’s with, but that’s for as long as he is with them.

He doesn’t believe in one woman one man.

So will she succumb to his charms?
Is Libby the one to change him or is she heading for heartbreak?

Its not your usual run of the mill romantic stories, it has depth, pitch, power and pace a plenty.
Emotions and rage.

The ending was well thought out.

A really enjoyable read.